Woolly hats, scrubbing brushes and fireworks

Woolly hats, scrubbing brushes and fireworks

So the nights are drawing in, gloves and woolly hats have been rescued from the bottom of the drawer and a new batch of daffodil bulbs bought and planted – winter is definitely here. But instead of just battening down the hatches, I’ve decided now is the perfect time to spring-clean and have a good […]

Granny Thyme

On the road again

What joy to have the X trail back and to be able to do all the things I previously took for granted – like driving to dog shows, visiting friends and family and doing a big shop at the supermarket. The bill to put my beautiful car together again was massive but so far, it […]

My chariot for the week

White van (wo)man

Back from a busy weekend of travelling, showing dogs and having good fun. The X-trail is still in bits but new parts have been ordered and hopefully, everything will fit back together again and it could be ready to roll next week. Meanwhile, I have become a white van (wo)man. I have hired something the […]

X trail woes

X trail woes

Just when everything seemed to be going so well ….. I was driving home on Monday morning, after a lovely weekend at Birmingham Championship Show. Four dogs were snoozing in the back of the car and all was peaceful until, about 20 minutes into my journey, the engine started to make a strange grating noise. […]

Our passengers

Big Budapest adventure – homeward bound

The early morning sun was shining as we packed the car and said our farewells to friends, ready for the long journey back to the UK from Saregres, 120 km south of Budapest. There had been a thunder storm the night before, with spectacular lightning and loud cracks of thunder but the torrential rain that […]