Christmas cheer ….

is here again although to be honest, some of the dreadful events worldwide make it hard to feel festive. Pictures on our television screens of the hideous school massacre in Pakistan and the Australian cafe hostage-taking make the jingling, glitzy razzamatazz Xmas hype seem irritating and irrelevant.

The awful images bring back memories of the Boxing Day tsunami and other disasters that must make the Christmas season almost unbearable for many.

But for those of us fortunate enough to be celebrating with our families over the next few days, the pleasure of giving and sharing, and in particular, watching the innocent joy and excitement of young children, means Christmas can be a very special time.

For the dogs here at Flinthill, it’s just another day although if they’re lucky, there might be some tasty turkey leftovers for tea. And no matter how much festive food and drink is consumed beforehand by us indoors, the dogs still get their afternoon blast round the fields.
The show season is over now for us until the Spring but there will be lots of long walks and new places for the gang to explore – though hopefully not too much running off and ignoring the recall whistle!

Mr Woof has had his wicked way with Evie and I very much hope it will be productive as it will be my first litter at home for four and a half years. Plans for a new whelping box to fit in front of the Aga are under way and hopefully I will know by the middle of next month whether the box will have occupants.

Meanwhile, from everyone at Flinthill, all the very best to you for a wonderful Christmas time and a happy and healthy New Year.

More soon ……