September sunshine

Time for a new blog, I think, as it’s been nearly four months since the last one. I’ve had a quiet summer, just enjoying the glorious sunshine we’ve had and doing some jobs around the house and garden.

garden pic

A splash of summer colour

But now I’m looking forward to the autumn shows and going out and about to catch up with friends and have fun with the dogs.

Suzy is no longer a puppy but a very immature and raw recruit to junior classes, where Rose will be one of the big girls. Evie will be two in October and Mr Woof will at last be allowed to have his wicked way with her – providing he can catch her!

Thyme still hasn’t slowed up and is almost as fast at nearly nine years old as she was as a youngster. She loves a day out at the shows so will be in a couple of veteran classes before I reluctantly hang up her show lead.

Another exciting prospect this autumn will be seeing some of Mr Woof’s UK puppies make their debut in the ring as well as hearing more news of his off-spring abroad who have been winning really well for their owners.

Meanwhile, the sun is still shining, almost like a summer’s day even though it’s September. The dogs continue to have a fine time, chasing swallows, nibbling at blackberries and hunting for little field mice. Happy days!

fields pic

Thyme and Mr Woof pic by Sam Anderson-Rowell

More soon …….