Spring is sprung!

Three months since the last blog – where has the time gone! The sun is shining, the fields are a mass of wild flowers and sweet, new grass that the dogs love to nibble and the summer shows will soon be in full swing. All the winter debris is gone from the garden and the daffodils and tulips are dying back to make for summer blooms. Just need to keep on top of grass-cutting and weeding so that the place stays neat…..

Lots of ups and downs over the past few months. Rising prices and a reduced pension mean cutbacks have to be made but we are all fit and well, which is what matters. The young dogs are growing so fast – Suzy is nearly nine months now and Evie will soon be old enough to have a litter of pups – can’t wait!
barker 1ab

Evie, Suzy and Rose. Picture by Photocall

The latest edition of Pointers Worldwide, the book we started in 2010 to celebrate pointers, is selling well and has received some wonderful comments. Providing I can cover the production costs of this edition, I will consider doing another in the future as researching the breed all over the world has been fascinating. An amazing number of people have helped by contributing articles, pictures and advertisements so special thanks to them as the book couldn’t happen without their support.


The next few weeks will be a busy round of shows up and down the country. But after that, I am having a break from championship shows for a few months as the cost of entries and travel, even though kept to the absolute minimum, is prohibitive. Unless you value the opinion of the judge on the day, it’s hard to justify spending such large sums of money even if it is good to catch up with friends ringside.

It appears to me that the same judges are popping up more often than before. These include some all-rounders who give the impression of having little interest in the breed and who are only there to boost their judging C V s. There is no type in their judging but worse than that, dogs that are unsound or of poor temperament – but handled by a familiar face – are being placed.

This cannot be good for our breed and is unnecessary when there are a significant number of people who deserve to have the chance to give C Cs, rather than the same old faces turning up again and again. I am fortunate to have a lovely appointment judging pointers in 2017 so won’t be tempted to judge before then.


It would be interesting to know what other people think – am I way off the mark or does anyone agree? Time to get off my soap box now and enjoy a brew in the sunshine then do a spot of weeding!

More soon ……..