Happy New Year!

First blog of 2014 – bit late I know, but I couldn’t think of much that was positive to write about during gloomy January so thought it was best to wait a bit …..

Now the days are at last getting longer and the daffodils and crocuses beginning to push their way through the layers of mud in the garden, so everything seems better.

We have been fortunate in the North East of England not to have had the dreadful gales and flooding being experienced in the south and west of the country.   This time last year, I was just about snowed in but so far, 2014 has only brought a couple of frosty mornings and a few snowflakes though there has been plenty of wind and rain.

However, the New Year has brought some newcomers to the neighbourhood – a flock of sheep now munching away in the fields where the dogs normally run. So pastures new have had to be found.

Second time out in the exciting new terrain, Hungarian Rose cut her belly leaping a barbed wire fence. Sadly the cut wouldn’t heal on its own so that meant stitches, a large vets’ bill, a bucket for Rose’s head and hours of lead-walking round the streets for us both. And there’s had to be a significant increase in wine rations for me to alleviate the stress of it all. Roll on Saturday when, providing they’ve survived Rose’s sharp little teeth, the stitches can come out.

bucket girl

Rose enjoying temporary freedom from her bucket

There have been high spots during the last few weeks – judging at a friendly show run by the Irish Setter Club of Wales and a day at the Southern Pointer Club Top Pointer match where Evie was runner-up top puppy.

It’s been fun too to watch little Suzie,now nearly six months old, grow into a proper pointer rather than a wobbly tummy on short legs. She will make her debut in the show ring next month which should be good entertainment for everyone.

Suzy growing up

Suzie growing into her pointer shape

And Mr Woof is due to become a proud Papa again so there will be puppies to visit soon.

Preparing the new edition of Pointers Worldwide for 2014 is keeping me busy. This book will have loads of advertisements and updated information about pointers in lots of different countries. It’s fascinating researching about the breed and making new friends via the internet and Facebook. Watch this space for information about when the book will be published.

The Nissan saga (see previous blogs for the gory details) ended in a partial victory with about a third of repair costs being reimbursed. Not the outcome I wanted but better than nothing. So cash will continue to be in short supply and spending carefully prioritised.

A top priority, of course, is Crufts 2014 which is only three weeks away. I’m looking forward to a lovely weekend with friends from the UK and abroad and a busy day in the show ring and ringside at the NEC.

The following weekend, it’s off to the moors at Reeth with Mr Woof for training – and that is when the snow and ice will arrive with a vengeance!

More soon ……..